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Biographical sketch
Paul Aubert (1872-1923)
version française  

French physician and biologist, born on March 31, 1872 in Nîmes (Gard, France).
1899 Served in the Colonial Health Corps and traveled to French Guyana and New Caledonia.
1905 Attended the microbiology course at the Institut Pasteur, Paris (cours de microbiologie).
1905 Taught classes at the Graduate School of the Colonial Health Corps (Ecole d'application du service de santé des troupes coloniales) in Marseille.
1908-1909 Took part in the study mission on yellow fever in Martinique, with P.-L. Simond and F. Noc. Appointed as assistant director of the Pasteur Institute in Brazzaville, with G. Martin serving as director.
1909 Elected corresponding member of the Société de Pathologie Exotique (SPE). Became director of the Pasteur Institute in Brazzaville.
1916-1918 During First World War, served as a medical assistant, under Inspector General Grall on the Macedonian front, then as a medical chief officer in an army ambulance on the French war front around Reims.
Appointed as hospital doctor for skin diseases in Nîmes ; initiated into new methods of radiotherapy ; opened a radiology practice.
1925 On Feb. 28, died in Nîmes.

Biographical reference tools :
- Mesnil (Félix), "P. Aubert (1872-1925)", Bulletin de la Société de Pathologie exotique, 18, 03/1925, p. 225.

Service des Archives de l'Institut Pasteur