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Biographical Sketch
Nicole Boucart (1914-1983)
version française

French doctor and biologist born on 1914.
1935 Entered as a technician in the laboratory of the Institut Pasteur Hospital.
1941-1946 Headed the laboratory of the Institut Pasteur Hospital. Under the supervision of R. Martin and doctors of the hospital she participated to the first trials of sulfa drugs which were prepared in the service of E. Fourneau. She then contributed to the trials of the first French penicillins.
08/1945 At the Libération, she enroled in the de Lattre's Army as an ambulance woman and came back with the Croix de Guerre .
1948-1957 Attended medical studies and worked as an assistant in various laboratories in order to earn living.
1958 Returned to the Institut Pasteur. Thanks to Olga Krug, technician and cornerstone of the service since E. Marchoux, she entered in the service of leprae which was headed by R. Chaussinand.
1961-1966 Conducted works on the inoculation of Hansen bacillus to guinea pig. At her instigation and that of Chaussinand, the laboratory expanded with a service of medical consultation. The unceasing comings ang goings of the patients in the laboratory allowed her to refine microscopy technics, to test new medicines, to confirm, for one of the first, the danger of resistance against sulfones then rifampicin, and the importance of immunity stimulation.
1966 Defended her PhD thesis in medicine: Tentative d'inoculation du Mycobacterium leprae au hamster Dore par les voies intra-testiculaire ou intra-péritonéale (hamster inoculation test with Leprosy bacillus).
1964 Succeeded to R. Chaussinand for heading the service of leprae. Regularly went to the sanatorium of Autrèches (Oise) to examine patients, as well as that of Valbonne (Gard). Gave lessons at the Faculté de médecine in Montpellier.
1966 Her service was linked to the one of mycobacteria, headed by N. Rist.
1968 Performed a training in the laboratory of R.J.W. Rees, at the National Institute for Medical Research, in London.
1970 Wrote the article on leprae for the Encyclopaedia Universalis. 1974 Due to financial crisis, the direction of the Institut Pasteur had to close her service. Named honorary head of laboratory, she left the Institut with regret.
1975 Ensured a medical consultation at the Hôpital de la Salpêtrière and kept going to deal with victims of leprosy in various sanatoriums.
1983 Death on Jan. 31.

Publications in collaboration with : P. Babouot, A. Buttner, R. Chaussinand, P. Destombes, H. Galliard, O. Krug, Le Roy, R. Martin, M. Roux, P. Sicard, B. Sureau, A. Vittoz.

Bibliography :
- Boucart (Nicolle), scientic file (Institut Pasteur's Archives, TRE.DS.12).
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