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Biographical Sketch
Germaine Benoit (1901-1983)
version française

French biologist born on October, 9, 1901, in Paris (Seine, France). She was the only daughter of a German teacher who died during the war 1914-1918.
1918-1919 High school degrees in mathematics and philosophy.
1920 Prepared PCN degree (Physics, chemistry, natural sciences) for medical studies.
1920-1923 Studied at the Institut de Chimie in Paris and obtained the chemical engineer degree.
1922-1936 Graduated in five science degrees in chemistry and biology.
06/01/1924 Appointed as a research assistant in the Laboratoire de chimie thérapeutique , headed by E. Fourneau, at the Institut Pasteur.
1934 Awarded the Louis prize from the medicine academy for her work on autonomotropic medicines.
1942 Thesis defense for doctorate in physical science: Préparation et propriétés physiologiques de quelques Hydroxyl-Alcoyl-Hydrazines .
10/01/1943 Appointed as head of laboratory in the service of chimie thérapeutique at the Institut Pasteur.
1947 Decorated chevalier de la Légion d'honneur .
1960-1961 D. Bovet asked her to come working at the Instituto Superiore di Sanita in Roma.
1961 Got married with her partner, A. Funke, head of laboratory in the Laboratoire de chimie thérapeutique . The couple got friendship with J. Monod.
1962 As she came back from Italy, she was put out on early retirement.
04/1983 Death in Paris.

Publications in collaboration with : R. Altman, Bal Krishna Avasthi, D. Bovet, R. Delavigne, M. Dechavassine, F. Eliopoulo, R. Firmenich, E. Fourneau, A. Funke, R. Herzog, J. Jacob, Y. de Lestrange, Marinopoulos, K. I. Melville, B. Millet, Th. Schnzel, G. Stefanopoulo, J. Tréfouël, Th. Tréfouël.

Bibliography :
- Benoit (Germaine), Curriculum vitae, 2 p. ms., 1942 (Institut Pasteur's Archives, TRE.DS.41).
- Crépin-Leblond (Anne-Marie), Biographie du Dr Germaine Benoit , 1 p. dact., 2003 (Institut Pasteur's Archives, Bio.10).

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