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Biographical Sketch
Gabriel Bertrand (1867-1962)
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G. Bertrand French chemist and biologist, born on May. 17, 1867 in Paris, France.
1886-1889 Entered the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle as E. Frémy's student, Paris.
1889-1890 Became L. Maquenne's assistant in the laboratory of plant physiology applied to agriculture. Undertook pharmacy studies besides.
1890 Became assistant at the chair of chemistry applied to organic substances, in the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle.
1894 Experimental Physiology Prize from the French Academy of Sciences for his research on anti-venomous vaccination.
1897 Visited German laboratories of chemistry in order to create an institute of biological chemistry at the Institut Pasteur, at E. Duclaux 's request.
1900-1962 Entered the Institut Pasteur as a researcher on biological chemistry. Main works : finding of oxydases ; chemical composition of laccase and role of manganese existing in nature ; importance of trace elements ("infiniment petits chimiques") ; use of chloropicrin in pest control ; sorbose bacteria and action on sugars ; finding of new sweet substances ; venom of batrachians and reptiles ; properties and actions of diastase enzymes.
1903 Co-founded the Bulletin de l'institut Pasteur review with A. Besredka, A. Borrel, C. Delezenne, A. Marie, F. Mesnil.
1905-1936 Succeeded E. Duclaux as Professor of biological chemistry at the University of Sciences, Paris.
1909-1936 Member of several ministerial committees (hygiene, education, national defense, agriculture, industry).
1914-1918 Collaborated on National Defense industries.
1920 Chairman of the French Chemical Society.
1923 Elected member of the French Academy of Sciences.
1926 Chair, National Federation of French chemical associations.
1930 Became emeritus member of the French Society of Biology (Société de biologie ).
1934 After A. Calmette and E. Roux had died, the board of Institut Pasteur's directors established the scientific advisory board, to which G. Bertrand belonged, along with J. Bordet, A. Borrel, F. Mesnil, Ch. Nicolle, A. Yersin. Joined the editorial board of the Annales de l'Institut Pasteur review where he met E. Leclainche, L. Martin, F. Mesnil, L. Vaillard.
1936 Though retired from his professor position, he continued to conduct research at the Institut Pasteur.
1962 Died in Paris.

Collaborators : H. Agulhon, A. Compton, M. Javillier, M. Macheboeuf, Medigreceanu, Mokragnatz, H. Nakamura, C. Phisalix, Rosenblatt, L. Silberstein, Voronca-Spirt.


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