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Biographical sketch
Judith Blass-Bresler (1904-1989)
version française  

Polish-born French biologist, born on June 1st, 1904, in Warsaw (Poland).
1925 "Collegium Physicum" graduate from the University of sciences in Warsaw (equivalent to the SPCN certificate in Physics, Chemistry and Natural Sciences).
1927 Left Poland to continue her studies in Paris.
1928 Natural Sciences graduate from the University of sciences in Paris.
1930 (June)-1935 (July) Appointed as a chemist at the laboratory for biological research of the Basse-Indre's Carnaud & Forges company, in Billancourt ; met M. Macheboeuf, who was working there as a scientific advisor.
1931 (Nov.3) Naturalized French citizen.
1932 Together with M. Macheboeuf and H. Cheftel, received the Chevalier Appert prize, for studies on the role of storage containers in the preservation of canned foods.
1936 (July)-1938 (July) At Professor Macheboeuf's request, entered the Institut Pasteur in Paris as a volunteer worker, for performing a thesis research.
1938 (Nov.)-1940 Became a technical assistant, at the laboratory of the Colonial Pasteur Institutes, directed by N. Bernard.
1941 (Dec.)-1944 (Sept.) World War II interrupted her work at the Institut Pasteur.
1945 (April) Thesis defense for Doctorate in Natural Sciences, from the University of Paris, the dissertation topic of which was about studies in immunochemistry of vibrio cholerae.
1945 (May)-1954 (Oct.) Appointed as research assistant at the M. Macheboeuf's laboratory of biological chemistry, in the Institut Pasteur.
1948 Became a member of the French Society of Biological Chemistry.
1954 (Nov.)-1960 Named research assistant at the laboratory of bacterial chemistry (Institut Pasteur's annexe, in Garches), under A.-R. Prévot and M. Raynaud, successively.
1958 Became a member of the French Society of Microbiology.
1961-1969 Named head of laboratory in the department of immunochemistry at the Institut Pasteur's annexe, in Garches.
J. Blass-Bresler's research focused on vibrio cholerae, components of blood serum, detoxification mechanisms of protein toxins by formalin.
1989 Died in Paris, on June 5.

Collaborators : N. Aladame, E. Azoulay, J. Billette, B. Bizzini, M. Cachin, H. Cheftel, J. Durlach, S. Laugier, O. Lecomte, M. Macheboeuf, P. Manigault, G. Nunez, J. Polonowski, A. R. Prevot, M. Raynaud, H. E. Relyveld, P. Reyberotte, G. Renoux, A. Rouhi, A. Sarraff, P. Springell, F. Tayeau, J. P. Thiery, J. A. Thomas, A. Turpin.

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