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Biographical sketch
Emile Brumpt (1877-1951)
version française  

French parasitologist, born on March 10, 1877 in Paris. His father, Alexandre Brumpt, born in Guebwiller (Alsace, France), was an organist, a composer and a music teacher. His mother, Clara del Rosario Navarro, was Spanish. He is Lucien Brumpt's father.
1893 High School degree at the Janson de Sailly high school in Paris.
1893-1896 Studied physics and natural sciences at the "Faculté des Sciences" in Paris (Sorbonne University) ; graduated in 1896 ("license" of Zoology, Botany and Geology).
1895 Became H. de Lacaze-Duthiers's assistant, at the laboratory of anatomy and comparative physiology of the "Faculté des Sciences" in Paris.
1896 Visited laboratories in Roscoff (France) and Plymouth (England) where he met Ray Lankester. Enrollment in medical training at the Medical School of Paris.
1898 Became a non-resident student doctor.
1899 Became R. Blanchard 's research assistant at the laboratory of natural medical sciences (Medical School of Paris).
1901Thesis defense for DS, which was about the reproduction in the Hirudinea (leeches).
1901-1903 Participated, as a biologist and a physician, in the Bourg de Bozas expedition (crossing Equatorial Africa from the Red Sea to the Atlantic Ocean).
1903 Participated in a scientific mission on sleeping sickness and traveled to French Congo in order to confirm the hypothesis, which he had stated during the Bourg de Bozas expedition, assuming the transmission of the disease through the tsetse fly.
1903 Named head of the parasitology work course at the Institut of Colonial Medicine in Paris.
1906 Thesis defense for Medical Doctorate, which was about mycetomas. Traveled to Algeria for studying malaria. Discovered that leeches transmit trypanosomes to fishes. Named member of the committee in charge of organizing the next scientific mission on sleeping sickness in French Congo (led by G. Martin ).
1907 Named "Professeur Agrégé" of parasitology and natural medical sciences at the Medical School of Paris. Married Renée Galliard.
1907-1910 A. Borrel suggested him to commence working on cancer, from a parasitologist's point of view. Resumed this research in 1931-1932.
1910 Published the first edition of a "Précis de parasitologie" which was expanded and edited six times (last edition in 1949 and a facsimile edition printed in 1999).
1913-1914 Two scientific missions to Brazil : organized a parasitology course at the Medical School of Sao Paulo ; studied malaria, american leishmaniasis and Chagas disease.
1914 Developed the xenodiagnosis method (based on exposing a parasite-free, laboratory-bred host to the parasite and then examining the host for parasites.
1914-1918 During First World War, served as a medical associate in H. Vincent's laboratory on typhoid prevention, at the Val-de-Grace military hospital, Paris ; served as a chief medical officer in a field ambulance and at the head of the health service, in the VIIth army ; participated in malaria prevention as head of the western district.
1919 Succeeded R. Blanchard at the chair of parasitology of the Medical School of Paris and remained until 1948. Became member of the French Academy of Medicine ; active member of the society of biology ( Société de biologie ). Participated in a mission to Tunisia for studying malaria, urinary schistosomiasis and piroplasmosis in cattle.
1922 Traveled to Morocco for studying bilharziosis. On the occasion of a great agricultural exhibition, traveled to Brazil for giving seminars suggesting preventive methods against bovine piroplasmosis and anaplasmosis.
1923 With M. Langeron and M. Neveu-Lemaire, co-founded the review "Annales de parasitologie humaine et comparée". Traveled to African Portuguese colonies, where he participated in the first colonial medical meeting in Africa, at Saint-Paul de Loanda.
1924 Held several lectures in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at the ministry of foreign affairs' request. The Rockefeller Foundation invitated him to participate in epidemiological studies on malaria control in USA.
1925 Along with F. Mesnil and G. Martin, participated in the international meeting on trypanosomiasis in London (organized by L. Rajchman, on behalf of the League of Nations).
1925-1930 Traveled to Corsica for epidemiological studies on malaria control ; created an anti-malaria field station in Porto-Vecchio. Anti-malaria investigations in Spain.
1926 Became Director of the newly created School of Malariology, in Paris.
1927 Research and teaching missions to Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay.
1928 Participated in the international medical conference in Cairo (Egypt) ; traveled for several months to Egypt and Sudan.
1930-1931 Teaching mission to Venezuela.
1932 Traveled to Italy for studying malaria. Missions to the USA and Mexico.
1932-1936 Elected chair of the French Society of Exotic Pathology ("Société de Pathologie Exotique", SPE), with A. Thiroux as vice-chair.
1932-1951 Became head of the Experimental Parasitology Station in Richelieu (Indre-et-Loire, France), which the superintendent S. Charléty had equipped for his use.
1933 In his laboratory, contracted the Rocky Mountains spotted fever disease, by accident, which turned out to disable him several years later.
1935-1936 Named chair of the promotion board of examiners at the Medical School of Hanoi (Vietnam). Undertook a six and a half month-long travel to Far East. Conducted epidemiological research, primarily on bilharziosis ; gave seminars in several Institutes of exotic pathology in USSR, China, Japan. Visited the Pasteur Institutes of Indochina and conducted research on bilharziosis and recurrent fever diseases ; met : M. Vaucel, H. Jacotot, H. Morin, A. Yersin and J. Mesnard, from the Institut Pasteur of Paris.
1938 Research missions to Mexico and Guatemala.
1939 Research missions to Colombia and Venezuela.
1948 On Oct. 21, E. Brumpt 's Jubilee Scientific Conference ; among speekers : L. Binet, E. Rist, M. Caullery, M. Vaucel, R. Deschiens.
1951 On July 8, died in Paris.

Collaborators : G. Bouffard, C. Bourroul, D. Bovet, L. Brumpt, A. Buttner, L. Cauchemez, R. Caucurte, Cawadias, A. Chabaud, Chabaneix, P. Chevalier, V. Chorine, Dao Van Tri, G. Desportes, E. Duvoir, H. Foley, L. Galliard, F. Gomes, Gonzales-Lugo, Guimaraes, Ch. Joyeux, F. Larrousse, M. Langeron, G. Lavier, C. Lebailly, P. Lecène, L. Mazzotti, M. Neveu-Lemaire, Ch. Nicolas, A. Pedroso, Piraja da Silva, Reynier, J. Sainton, Tissier, H. Ucroz, A. Urbain, J. Velasquez, Werblunsky, Wurtz.

Biographical reference tools :
- Brumpt (Emile), Titres et travaux scienfitiques, Paris, Masson et cie éd., 1934, 200 p. ; Supplément à la notice des titres et travaux scienfitiques, Paris, Masson et cie éd., 1936, 71 p.


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