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Biographical sketch
Emile Borel (1884-1928)
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French physician and biologist, born on Sept. 6, 1884 in Bégude-de-Mazenc (Drôme, France). His father was a constable and was awarded the Military Medal.
1909 Graduated from the Medical School of the Navy's Health Service.
1909-1914 Assigned to duty in French West Africa (AOF) and in China.
1914-1918 During First World War, served on the French war front and was awarded the Cross of Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur.
1919-1923 Traveled to Middle East (Cilicia in Turkey and Syria).
1924 Attended the microbiology course at the Institut Pasteur in Paris (cours de microbiologie).
1925 Training period at the Institut Pasteur, where he specialized in medical entomology.
1925 At South Indochina government's request, the Pasteur Institute in Saigon undertook systematic studies on malaria disease and prophylaxis ; was entrusted with the newly created laboratory for malaria research ; listed mosquitoes and discovered more than ten new species ; was especially interested in anopheles Neocellia maculata, as the agent causing malaria in aeras which had just been cleared in Upper South Indochina.
1926 On March 1st., married Violette Baud, in Saigon, with whom he had two children : Claude and Yves.
1926-1928 While continuing entomology research, devoted himself to malaria studies in the field ; demonstrated the link existing between environment and severity of endemic malaria ; his work was reported to the French society of exotic pathology (Société de Pathologie Exotique, SPE).
1928 Died in France, while he was on holiday.

Biographical reference tools :
- Archives des Instituts Pasteur d'Indochine, n° 9, oct. 1928, pp. 3-4.

Service des Archives de l'Institut Pasteur