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Biographical Sketch
Georges Canetti (1911-1971)
version française

French doctor and biologist, born on January 23, 1911 at Roustchouk (Bulgaria). Brother of Elias Canetti, Nobel price of literature, and Jacques Canetti, producer and director of Polydor and Philips record company. Parents used german language together but spoke judeo-spanish with their children.
1911-1913 Canetti family settled in England. 1913 The family moved to Vienna after the father's death.
1921-1926 High school studies at Frankfurt am Main (Germany), then Vienna (Austria). 1927-1928 Pursued studies in Paris at lycée Carnot, then lycée Jeanson de Sailly and earned his bachelor's degree.
1928-1929 Met his brother Elias in Vienna and taught French language at the Kunstgewerb.
1929-1931 Medical studies at the faculty of medicine in Vienna.
1931-1936 Faculty of Medicine in Paris 1933 French naturalisation.
1934 Contracted pulmonary tuberculosis and stayed at the French students' Sanatorium at Saint-Hilaire du Touvet where he got friendship with doctors Daniel Douady and René Cohen.
1936 Attended the cours de microbiologie (microbiology course) at the Institut Pasteur.
1937 Volonteer worker in the laboratory of tuberculosis at the Institut Pasteur in the service of A. Saenz. His mother died of tuberculosis.
1937-1944 Became head of the laboratory of pathological anatomy in P. Ameuille's service at the Hopital Cochin. Focused on the study of what he called prehistory of phtisis, defined as the period between tuberculosis primary infection in child and appearance of the disease in adult.
1938-1939 Pursued his research at the Pasteur Institute with a grant from the Fondation Roux.
1939 Defended his PhD thesis in medicine: Les réinfections tuberculeuses latentes du poumon .
1939-1940 Although he was exempted soldier in 1936, he obtained to be engaged as auxiliary doctor. He was assigned at the Centre de transfusion sanguine at the military hospital of the Val-de-Grâce.
1940 Laureate of the Péan prize from the national academy of medicine.
1941-1942 Became friend with Roland Barthes who was, at that time, patient at the Sanatorium of Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet.
1944-1947 Pulmonary tuberculosis relapse. Came back in sanatorium and underwent several lung surgeries.
Elected as a titulary member of the Société d'études scientifiques sur la tuberculose (Society of scientific studies on tuberculosis).
1946 Published books titled: Le bacille de Koch dans la lésion tuberculeuse du poumon and L'allergie tuberculeuse chez l'homme . Both publications appeared in the collection of the Monographies de l'Institut Pasteur as requested by L. Pasteur Vallery-Radot.
1947 Laureate of the Ricaud prize (tuberculosis) from the national academy of medicine for his essay: La teneur en bacilles des lésions tuberculeuses ouvertes de l'appareil respiratoire .
1948-1949 Medical adviser of the movie Dr Laënnec from Maurice Cloche.
Represented his brother's interests (Elias Canetti), for the edition of the writer'works in France.
1954 Designated as head of laboratory at the Institut Pasteur. Same year published Primo-infection et réinfection dans la tuberculose pulmonaire . In parallel and together with his students J. Grosset, Kazmierczack and Mrs Le Lirzin, he studied the history of the tuberculosis lesions and the history of the bacilli populations under chemiotherapy influence. With F. Grumbach, he studied various methods of antituberculosis treatments in mouse.
1954-1969 Participated at numerous congresses on tuberculosis as a recorder: Madrid (1954), Istamboul (1959), Munich (1965), New York (1969). Participated to the teaching of the tuberculosis epidemiology which was organized by the WHO in Roma, Prague and Tokyo.
1958 Named as an expert at the World Health Organization (WHO), Genève.
1959 Made Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur .
1960 Joined the national comittee for fight against tuberculosis (CNDT, Comité National de Défense contre la Tuberculose).
1962 With J. Thibier, he created the French center of studies on the primary resistance in tuberculosis (settled at the Institut Pasteur in 1967), of which he became the manager.
Regarding antituberculosis treatments he maintained scientific exchanges with doctors of the popular sanatoriums of Paris, at Bligny, especially with the director Robert Parrot.
1964 Named head of the service epidemiology and experimental prophylaxis of tuberculosis, at the Institut Pasteur. Named professor of the Institut Pasteur. 1968 President of the editorial board of the Annales de l'Institut Pasteur.
1969 Proposed the reduction of the antituberculosis treatment from 18 months to 6 months, thanks to the association of Rifampicine and Isoniazide antibiotics, in case of sensitive strain.
Designated assistant to the general secretary of the international union against tuberculosis.
1970 Elected vice president of the administration council of the Institut Pasteur.
1971 Succeeded E. Bernard as general secretary of The International Union against Tuberculosis. Became member of the editorial board of the Bulletin of Institut Pasteur.
27/08/1971 Death at Vence. In the name of the Institut Pasteur, J. Monod made the funeral oration.
1977 Elias Canetti dedicated his just published autobiographical book: Die gerettete Zunge. Geschichte einer Jugend (The saved language. History of a youth) to his brother, Georges Canetti.
2006 Creation of the prize Georges, Jacques and Elias Canetti, funded by family Canetti's donations. Each year, it rewards a researcher of the Institut Pasteur for his work on infectious deseases, more particularly, tuberculosis.

Publications in collaboration with : P. Ameuille, A. Belin, J. Bretey, H. Brocard, P. Daumet, J. Debeyre, V. Djurovic, F. Gay, G. Georgopoulos, J. Gluszyk, J. Grosset, F. Grumbach, P. Hertzog, R. Israël, A. Kazmierczak, B. Kreis, H. Lacaze, Ch. Lejard, A. Lepeuple, M. Le Lirzin, N. Rist, P. Pasquier, G. Rocher, A. Saenz, S. de Sèze, R. Thibier, L. Toty, C.A. Urquijo, J. N. Vivien, R.J. Weissenbach.

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