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Biographical Sketch
Geneviève Cateigne (1906-1981)
version française

French biologist, born on Aug.31, in 1906 at Montreuil-Sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis).
Interrupted medical studies because of health problem, then studied at the Faculté des sciences in Paris.
Graduated in sciences (chemistry, biological chemistry, physiology, biology).
1940 Entered at the Institut Pasteur as a volunteer worker in the service of R. Dujaric de la Rivière.
1945 Performed a training course with J. Chevé at the National Institute for Medical Research in Andrew's Laboratory in London.
1945-1951 Promoted assistant in the Laboratoire de la grippe (inflenza laboratory) of the Institut Pasteur. She was the first one in France to isolate type A variants of influenza virus.
1950 Translated the book of V.I.B. Beveridge and F.M. Burnet: La culture des virus et des rickettsies dans l'embryon de poulet (culture of viruses and rickettsies in chicken embryo) for its publication in the Collection de l'Institut Pasteur . 1952 Within the Laboratoire de la grippe which became national reference center for influenza, she undertook several works on human and animals influenza viruses, she assumed responsabilities for epidemiologic monitoring of influenza, preparation of reference antigens for the diagnostic and development of a vaccine.
1953 Appointed head of laboratory at the Institut Pasteur.
1957 Participated to the settlement of a production unit for the vaccine against influenza in the annexe of the Institut Pasteur at Laroche-Beaulieu, in Dordogne.
1963 Registered a patent for a vaccine against influenza.
1964 Defended her PhD thesis supervised by A. Thomas, on: Etude chimique du virus grippal (chemical study of the flu-like virus). Participated to the book supervised by P. Lépine: Techniques de laboratoire en virology humaine (techniques of laboratory in human virology).
1971 Promoted honorary head of laboratory. Retired.
1981 Death on May, 17.

Publications in collaboration with: S. Adams, P. Benazet, M.-L. Boudier, A. Brion, P. Brygoo, G. Buchi, L.-G. Chevance, R. Dujarric de la Rivière, A. Eyquem, B. Fauconnier, M. Fontaine, Cl. Hannoun, J. Marie, J. Maurin, P. Mollaret, R. Panthier, P. Reculard, M. Thibon, R. Worms.

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Service des Archives de l'Institut Pasteur