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Biographical Sketch
Germaine Stanier Cohen-Bazirre (1920-2001)
version française

French biologist born in Thonon (Haute-Savoie), on Sep. 2, 1920. Her father was a science teacher in Toulouse, and her mother a primary school teacher.
Studies of sciences at the faculty of Toulouse, where she was particularly impressed by A. Vandel's courses of biology.
1942 Graduated in physical and natural sciences.
1945 Successful candidate at CNRS as trainee then research agent. She undertook her work thesis at the Institut Pasteur (annexe of Garches), under the supervision of G. Cohen. She studied the metabolism of Clostridia, a strict anaerobe.
1950 Defended her PhD thesis at the university of Paris: Etude sur la formation des acides volatiles dans quelques fermentations bactériennes .
1950-1953 Entered in the laboratory of J. Monod, at the Institut Pasteur (Paris). In collaboration with M. Cohn and A.M. Pappenheimer, she actively contributed to researches on the mechanisms involved in enzymatic induction.
1953-1971 Stayed in the United-States, at the university of Berkeley; devoted herself to study the physiological, biochemical and structural characteristics of the main groups of photosynthetic prokaryotes, purple bacteria and cyanobacteria.
1956 Got married with R. Stanier with whom she had a daughter, Jenny, born in 1958.
1960-1961 Training at the Institut Pasteur, in the laboratory of J. Monod, thanks to a grant Guggenheim Fellow.
1967-1968 Training in the CNRS laboratory of Gif-Sur-Yvette.
1971-1982 Named head of laboratory in the unit of microbial physiology, headed by R. Stanier at the Institut Pasteur in Paris. Participated to the development of the Cyanobacteria collection of the Institut Pasteur.
1972 Became CNRS senior researcher.
1982 Following R. Stanier's death, she was appointed head of the of microbial physiology at the Institut Pasteur.
1984 Became supervisor of the biochemistry and molecular genetics department at the Institut Pasteur.
1985 Named professor at the Institut Pasteur.
1988 Retirement.
2001 Death on May, 9, in Vancouver (Canada).

Publications in collaboration with : D. Bryant, G. Cohen, M. Cohn, M. Doudoroff, A. Glazer, M. Griffiths, I. C. Gunsalus, M. Herdmann, N. Palleroni, A. Pardee, Richard Pelroy, A.-R. Prévot, M. Raynaud, R. Rippka, H. Schachman, J. Schmidt, B. Sistrom, N. Tandeau de Marsac (Lévêque), Kees van Niel , J. Waterbury.

Bibliography :
- Ullmann (Agnès), Cohen (Georges), Jacob (François), Germaine Stanier (Cohen-Bazire), CyanoNews , vol. 16, 26/12/2001.
- faire part de décès de Mme Stanier Cohen-Bazire, Institut Pasteur, 2001 (Archives Pasteur, Bio.02).

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