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Biographical sketch
Albert Delaunay (1910-1993)
version française  

French physician, biologist and man of letters, born on Oct. 17, 1910, in Mortagne-sur-Sèvres (Vendée) ; he was five years old when his father, a civil servant, died ; secondary studies at the high school of Nantes.
1931 Enrollment in medical training at the Medical School of Nantes ; Obtained medical internship at the Hospitals of Nantes.
1933 Appointed as a research assistant at the Medical School of Nantes ; military service.
1936 Entered the Pasteur Institute in Paris, as a resident at the hospital.
1937 Training in Germany.
1938-1939 Medical Doctorate from the Medical School of Paris ; as a Rockefeller foundation's grant-holder, conducted research concerning cellular immunity, in the laboratory of Valy Menkin, at Harvard University (Boston, USA).
1939 Appointed as a research assistant in the laboratory under André Boivin, at the Pasteur Institute in Garches ; worked about physio-pathological aspects of phagocytes, physico-chemical properties of connective tissue, mechanisms of action of bacterial endotoxins ; contributed to elucidate the role of complement in phagocytosis.
1941 Married Gaston Ramon's daughter.
1946 Appointed as head of laboratory at the laboratory of cellular immunology (Pasteur Institute, Garches).
1956 Appointed as head of unit at the service of experimental pathology (Pasteur Institute, Garches) ; taught at the Pasteur Institute in Paris and at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Fontenay-aux-Roses.
1959 Published a novel entitled Journal d'un biologiste.
1961 Published a historical monograph about the Pasteur Institute and the researchers working there ("L'Institut Pasteur, des origines à aujourd'hui") ; was promoted to be a knight of the Legion d'honneur.
1963 Founder and president of the French club of connective tissue (Club français du tissu conjonctif).
1971 Appointed as head of department for foreign affairs and resource center, at the Pasteur Institute in Paris ; gave a great number of lectures about scientific, literary or philosophical issues ; published many reports in scientific reviews for the general public, as well as many novels and essays, such as Le nouveau rêve de d'Alembert, Qu'est-ce que la vie ?.
1974 Closing of the service of experimental pathology, at the Pasteur Institute in Garches.
1993 On Dec. 3, died.

Collaborators : S. Bazin, A. Boivin, R. Fauve , M. Hénon, M. Le Lous, M. Pelletier.

Biographical reference tools :
- Becker (Georges), Albert Delaunay, savant et philosophe, Medica n°52, 1966, 15 p.

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