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Biographical sketch
André Dodin (1926-1995)
version française  

French physician and biologist, born on July 24, 1926, in Plainfaing (Vosges). His father was a teacher.
1943-1944 When he was 17 years old, contacted the French Resistance and as a volunteer, joined the Corcieux's maquis.
1948 Enrollment in medical training at the Medical School of the Army Health Service, in Lyon.
1951 Graduated in science from the University of Lyon.
1952 After obtaining medical internship for three years at the R. Sohier's laboratory in the Desgenettes hospital in Lyon, thesis defense for medical doctorate, the dissertation topic of which was about dysenteric amoeba and its in vivo culture.
1953 Training at the Graduate School of the Colonial Corps Health Service in Pharo, Marseille.
1953-1955 With his wife, traveled to Madagascar ; commenced his carreer as a doctor in a mobile team for public health and prevention at Manakara ; when he arrived, had to cope with an outbreak of plague that was sweeping through the area.
1955-1968 Appointed as a medical assistant in microbiology at the Navy Health Service ; joined the Pasteur Institute in Tananarive (Madagascar), directed by E. Brygoo.
1956 (July)-1957 (May) During the Algerian war, served as a chief of medicine around the Tunisian-Algerian border.
1957-1964 Appointed as Head of Laboratory in human microbiology ; conducted research on gonadotropic hormones, malaria (glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency) ; studied the epidemiological and immunological features of some prevailing endemics in Madagascar (such as plague, filariasis, bilharziosis) ; carried out new vaccines and treatments against the infectious diseases.
1960-1961 Appointed as a researcher at the Navy Hospital Service ; attended the microbiology and immunology course (cours de microbiologie) at the Institut Pasteur in Paris.
1964-1968 Appointed as Deputy Director at the Pasteur Institute in Tananarive ; published his works on the Madagascan infectious diseases, through a series of 192 reports ; due to a problem in his daughter's health, left Madagascar and came back to France.
1968 Entered the Institut Pasteur in Paris, as Head of Laboratory in the service for epidemiology, under M. Baltazard .
1970 Appointed as Head of Unit for cholera and vibrios at the Institut Pasteur in Paris.
1971 Converted his research unit into the "Centre national de référence", at the moment when a cholera epidemic was breaking out in Europe (Spain) ; became a worldwide reputed expert on cholera ; traveled to Africa (Cameroon) and to South America for assisting local people in fighting against the disease, by conducting vaccination in field trials ; described the anti-tumor properties of the so-called DGZ, a component of the cholera vibrio ; interested in other vibrios, in the Whitmore's bacillus ; as a specialist in public health, recommended the use of bleach for disinfecting water, and antiseptics to prevent the spread of disease through fecal matter.
1976 Appointed as Professor at the Institut Pasteur ; worked for twenty years as Secretary General in the French Society of Exotic Pathology ("Société de Pathologie Exotique", SPE).
1985 Wrote G. Girard 's obituary for the Bulletin de la Société de pathologie exotique.
1987-1990 Appointed as Head of Ecology Department at the Institut Pasteur.
1991 Participated in a mission for studying cholera in Peru.
1994 Retired from the Institut Pasteur.
1995 In his very last scientific publication, reported the first human melioidosis case in the Caribbean islands.
1995 Critically ill, was hospitalized at the Val de Grâce hospital ; died in Paris on Nov.24.

Collaborators : M. Baltazard, B. Bourdelais, F. Dodin, R. Fauve , F. Rodhain, A. Ryter, G. Segretain.

Biographical reference tools :
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