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Biographical Sketch
Françoise Grumbach (1902-1985)
version française

French biologist, born Bloch, on Dec. 20, 1902 in Paris.
1926-1928 Worked in Dr. Armand-Delille's laboratory at hospital Herold in Paris.
1927 Attended the junior doctors' course of bacteriology at the Institut Pasteur.
1930-1931 Assistant of M. Caullery at the Laboratoire d'évolution des êtres organisés , in Paris.
1931-1932 Granted from Commercy at the Laboratoire d'évolution des êtres organisés .
Graduated in sciences.
1932 Attended the cours de microbiologie at the Institut Pasteur. 1932 As a grant holder from the Institut Pasteur, she entered the Laboratoire d'anatomie pathologique de la tuberculose , headed by J. Bablet (A. Calmette's service).
1932-1941 Conducted works on tuberculosis and tropical diseases, in connexion with the overseas Instituts Pasteur.
1936 Appointed assistant at the Institut Pasteur, in J. Bablet's service.
1938 Granted from the Fondation Loutreuil of the Academie des sciences for her researches on cutaneous tuberculosis.
1941-1943 Entered in the Resistance and joined the Forces Françaises Libres . Honored with the Croix de guerre .
1943-1944 Assigned in the service of typhus at the Institut Pasteur of Alger, where she contributed to the production and control of the anti-typhus vaccine by searching means to improve the technics of production.
12/1944 Returned to the Institut Pasteur in F. Nitti's service, she organized the first laboratory of biological assay for antibiotics in humours.
12/1949 With N. Rist, she organized the laboratory of experimental chemiotherapy of tuberculosis (tuberculosis service).
1950 Works with M. Macheboeuf on the mode of action of streptomycin.
1950-1967 Participated to the discovery of numerous anti-tuberculous medicines. Due to her works, she was often requested as reporter at the bacteriology and immunology commission from the international union against tuberculosis.
1967-1972 Although being retired, she continued to collaborate to researches on tuberculosis which were conducted at the Institut Pasteur.
1985 Death.

Publications in collaboration with : E. Arquie, P. Armand-Dellile, J. Bablet, N. Bellet, M. Beljanski, I. Bertrand, F. Boyer, D. Beytout, S. Cals, G. Canetti, S. Clavel, L. Costil, J. Cottet, P. Destombes, M. Ducourtioux, Ch. Flachat, S. Freire, J. Fouquet, L. Gallien, G. Girard, P. Goret, F. Gros, J. Grosset, J. Jacob, V. Hamon, Heimann, L. Joubert, B. Kreis, P. Laviron, de Lestrange, J. Levaditi, D. Libermann, M. Macheboeuf, H. Mousset, M. Moyeux, Netter, N. Rist, J. Riebel, F. Nitti, A. Rouaix, B. Rybak, Sezary, M. Stamartin, B. Sureau, L. Teyssier, R. Trichereau, P. Veran, P. Villemin.

Bibliography :
- F. Grumbach's scientific file (Institut Pasteur's Archives, TRE.DS.49)

Service des Archives de l'Institut Pasteur