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Biographical Sketch
Adam Képès (1918-1984)
version française

French doctor and biologist born in Budapest (Hungaria) on july 11, 1918.
1928-1936 High school studies at the Lycée moderne Saint-Etienne (Budapest).
1936 Obtained his bachelor's degree with distinction and won the second prize at the national competition of Mathematics and the third prize at the national competition of Physics.
1936-1937 Studied the French language at the Alliance française at Budapest and met his needs by giving private lessons.
07/1937 Came in France in order to pursue his studies.
1937-1938 Prepared his PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology: earlier option to prepare the first year of medicine studies).
1938-1944 Attended the courses at the faculty of medicine and prepared a sciences degree at the same time.
1941 Succeeded in the examination of the externat des hôpitaux de Paris.
1942-1945 Realise his externat in services of professors P. Harvier (1942), R. Garcin (1943-1944) and R. Debré (1944-1945), successively. 1943 Upgraded diploma of bacteriology at the faculty of medicine (Paris).
1943 Married Miss Suzanne Broido, medical student and pioneer to be of the Planning familial. They had got two daughters.
1944-1945 In order to prepare his PhD thesis, he carried on electrophysiology experiments in the Laboratory of general pathology at the faculty of medicine and also at the electrophysiological research laboratory of the hopital de la Salpêtrière.
1945 Defended his medical PhD thesis on the physiopathology of trembling. For this work, he received a silver medal.
1946 Became member of the recently created CNRS (Centre National pour la recherche Scientifique ).
1946-1947 Joined the service of chimie thérapeutique at the Institut Pasteur as trainee. Directed by J. Trefouël.
1947-1957 Joined the service of fermentations at the Institut Pasteur. Supervised by M. Lemoigne, he studied the effect of antibiotics on the redox potential of bacterial cultures; built himself the equipment requested for his research (instrument to register the pH of redox potential, polarographe). With R. Dedonder, N. Grelet and Cl. Péaud-Lenoël, he became an activist at the trade union for scientific researchers of the Institut Pasteur.
1948-1956 Research attaché at the CNRS.
1956-1959 Research manager at the CNRS.
1955 Defended his PhD thesis in Sciences entitled Fixation des ions sur les proteines en solution . 1957-1958 In training at the Johnson Fondation for Medical Physics, directed by B. Chance.
1958-1964 Worked in the service of cellular biochemistry headed by J. Monod at the Institut Pasteur. Studied mechanisms involved in membrane transport and permeases, more particularly on kinetics and energetics of the stereospecific active transport of beta-galactosides; contributed to the caracterization of the lactose operon (thio-galactoside transacetylase) and its induction kinetics.
1959 Research master at the CNRS.
1962-1982 Assistant secretary, then general secretary of the International Organization of Cell Research (ICRO). This institution, partly funded by UNESCO, is dedicated to implement advanced courses in cellular and molecular biology which are intended to international young researchers.
1967 With the help of J. Monod, he formed an independent research group at the Collège de France .
1969 At the request of R. Dedonder, he joined the Research Institute of Molecular Biology (Institut Jacques Monod, at present). Here, he studied phospho-transferases in E. coli ; built an automatic synchronizer which allowed him to identify a cyclic program of membrane phopholipids biosynthesis; studied segregation of membrane markers during growth.
18/04/1984 Died in Paris while participated to a committee at the Université Paris 7.

Publications in collaboration with : F. Autissier, S. Beguin, Cl. Burstein, M. Cohn, Ed. Drouhet, G. Gachelin, R. Haguenauer-Tsapis, M. Jacquet, J. Jimeno, D. Joseleau-Petit, F. Képès, M. Lemoigne, J. Meury, J. Monod, Cl. Péaud-Lenoël, A. Robin, I. Zabin.
Bibliography :
-Képès (Adam), curriculum vitae, 4 p. ms., 1945 (Archives Pasteur, Bio.04).
-Képès (Adam), Exposé des titres et travaux de Adam Képès, 30 p. dac. ronéo. 1964 (Archives Pasteur, MON.SER.03)

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