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Biographical Sketch
Camille Lataste-Dorolle (1905-2001)
version française

French pharmacist and biologist, born on May, 19, 1905, in Dax (Landes, France).
1929 Graduated from the faculté de pharmaçie in Paris. Attended the cours de microbiologie at the Institut Pasteur.
1929-1930 Attended the parasitology (E. Brumpt), and the mycology (M. Langeron) courses at the faculté de médecine in Paris.
1930 Joined the Institut Pasteur of Hanoï where she became head of laboratory for BCG and vaccine. She worked with H. Marneffe, J. Genevray and J. Bablet. She also met A. Yersin who will stay for her the great man's character.
1930-1933 Part time lecturer at the medicine and pharmacy school in Hanoï.
1931 Mission to install a bacteriological control of drinkable waters at the Institut Pasteur in Saïgon.
1934-1945 Head of laboratory at the Institut Pasteur in Saïgon, where she successively worked in the laboratories of biochemical research, food safety and control of waters.
1945-1946 Sent on temporary assignment at the Laboratoire Médical Français in the confinement zone at Hué. She and P. Dorolle devoted themselves to the production of vaccines and the functioning of an assay office.
1946 Wedding with P. Dorolle, with whom she had a daughter in 1948.
1946-1950 Head of the laboratories of human microbiology and microbial vaccines, at the Institut Pasteur in Saïgon.
1949-1950 Part-time lecturer at the Faculté de médecine et de pharmacie in Saïgon.
1950-1953 Left Indochina to follow her husband who was promoted general assistant director for WHO. She became research agent at the faculté des sciences in Geneva, department of biophysics.
1951 Decorated chevalier de la Légion d'honneur for her work in Indochina.
1955-1958 Microbiologist advisor at the Battelle Memorial Institute of Geneva, department of biosciences.
1959-1960 Again, research agent at the faculté des sciences in Geneva, department of biophysics.
1961 Member of the Société française de microbiologie .
1961-1971 Head of the Laboratoire des leptospires at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, in replacement of B. Kolochine-Erber. She performed researches on the serogroups of leptospira and developed a vaccine.
1965 Associated member, then collaborator, in 1966, of the subcommittee of taxonomy for leptospira. She also became member of the Société de Pathologie Exotique (SPE).
1971 Retired from the Institut Pasteur, she became a member of the permanent committee for the ONG of UNESCO, where she dealt with ethical questions, women and family's rights. She was supported by her compliance to the pacific philosophy of Quackers.
2000-2001 Retired in Senlis near by her daughter.
2001 Died in Senlis on March 22.

Publications in collaboration with : Ph. Amstutz, W. Arber, L. Baccialone, J. Bablet, P. Barbier, Cl. Bazin, F. Benoist, J.C. Bernou, R. Bonnardo, A. Brochier, J.F. Buri, R. Busset, J. Canet, D. Chaumontet, R.A. Collet, P. Collin, F. Comby, P. Dorolle, M. Duchassin, P. Dupouey, A. Eyquem, J. Fabry, E. Farinaud, M. Faure, E. Finzi, B. Fiocre, R. Gauthier, J. Genevray, J. Guillerm, L. Hartmann, C.H. Haselbach, D. Larue, M. Lavallee, A. Lwoff, J. Messi, G. Meyer, P. Moreau, M. Monnier, R.F. Mouton, M. Payet, P. Pene, J. Pillot, I. Plesko, J.L. du Plessis, A. Querido, C. Radouco-Thomas, C. Rogg-Effron, P. Rowinski, A. Ryter, R. Silverie, Ng. Van Lieng, A. Vialard-Goudou, G. Voluter, R. Zender.

Bibliography :
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