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Biographical sketch
Eugène Maillot (1841-1889)
version française  

French biologist, specialist in sericulture, born on May 10, 1841 in Ainvelle (Haute-Saône, France). He was one of nine children from a well-off family of farmers.
Attended two secondary schools (Luxeuil, Haute-Saône ; Salins, Jura) and two high schools (Besançon, Doubs ; Stanislas high school, Paris), successively.
Successful candidate in entrance examinations for both Polytechnique and Normale graduated schools ; got into Normale (Ecole Normale Supérieure, rue d'Ulm, Paris).
1865 Entered the L. Pasteur's laboratory as an associate researcher and replaced E. Duclaux at the Ecole Normale Supérieure ; with D. Gernez, conducted research on silkworm disease, under L. Pasteur, at Pont-Gisquet (Gard).
1869 Returned to Pont-Gisquet, with D. Gernez, where L. Pasteur resumed his studies on silkworm ; sent to Corsica, for conducting research on silkworm.
1870 Second mission to Corsica, for conducting sericulture research, which was suspended because of the Franco-Prussian war.
1871 Participated in the meeting of sericulture at Udine, Italy.
1872 Participated in the meeting of sericulture at Rovereto, Italy.
1873-1889 Appointed as director of the sericulture station at the School of Agriculture in Montpellier (Hérault) ; gave lectures in silkworm rearing ; published reports on scientific sericulture (as journal articles and booklets) ; translated into French and ordered reprints of papers on sericulture ; in the sericulture station, systematically tested the new techniques reported all over the world, for improving silkworm breeding and grainage operations.
Published a memo entitled "Leçons sur le ver à soie du mûrier" into which he compiled lectures and course that he was teaching at the School of Agriculture in Montpellier.
1888 On Nov.14, attended the Institut Pasteur's opening ceremony, along with other former L. Pasteur's students (such as U. Gayon and J. Raulin ).
1889 On Oct. 28, died in Remoulins (Gard).

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