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Biographical sketch
Hubert Marneffe (1901-1970)
version française  

French physician and biologist, born on June 12, 1901, in Cherbourg (Manche).
1919 Pre-medical PCN certificate (physics, chemistry and biology), at Caen.
1920-1924 Enrollment in medical training at the Navy's Medical School in Bordeaux.
1924 Thesis defense for medical doctorate, under A. Le Dantec, about the disinfectant role of fluorescence.
1925 Enrollment at the Graduate School of the Colonial Troops' Health Service in Pharo, Marseille.
1926-1928 Appointed as Director of the Institute of hygien and prevention in French Guyana.
1928-1929 Attended the microbiology course at the Institut Pasteur, Paris (cours de microbiologie).
1929-1930 Travelled to the Pasteur Institute in Saigon ; with L. Boëz and J. Guillerm, developped a treatment for leprosy, using the orally administered Krabao's soap.
1931-1932 Lecturer in bacteriology, at the medical school in Hanoi. 1933 In charge of the practical work at the microbiology course of the Institut Pasteur in Paris.
1933 (May)-1934 (April) Appointed as Head of Laboratory (laboratories of microbiology and rabies) at the Pasteur Institute in Lille.
1934 (April)-1937 (June) Appointed as Head of Laboratory, at the Pasteur Institutes in Indochina (Saigon, Hanoi).
1936 Attended the international course in malariology, given by the League of Nations, in Singapore.
1937 Left Indochina ; published a booklet entitled "Le paludisme au Tonkin" (malaria in Tonkin) ; became a member of the French Society of Exotic Pathology ("Société de Pathologie Exotique", SPE).
1938 Appointed as lecturer in epidemiology and microbiology at the Graduate School of the Colonial Troops' Health Service in Pharo, Marseille.
1939 (Sept.)-1940 During Second World War, served at the head of the malaria laboratories, in the Eastern Army.
1941 Appointed as professor in health care, at Beirut (Lebanon).
1942 Traveled to French Sudan and conducted research on malaria and anopheles, in the Middle Niger Valley.
1944 (Nov.)-1945 (Dec.) Served as a French army's medical expert, in the Far East (General Leclerc's headquarters).
1946-1949 Succeeded J. Mesnard, at the head of the Saigon's Pasteur Institute.
1946-1952 Negotiated with the future independent Vietnam's authorities for the creation of a Pasteur Institute in Vietnam ; after France stood down, the agreement was renewed in 1955.
1950 Traveled to New Caledonia and Australia.
1953 Founded an association for help to lepers in Vietnam, named "L'oeuvre Salve", in order to create clinics, leprosy villages, mobile teams for leprosy tests, treatment and prevention.
1956 Appointed as Head of Laboratory, at the Institut Pasteur, Paris.
1959 Nominated by J. Tréfouël as deputy director of the Institut Pasteur, Paris.
1966 (On June, 1st) After Ch. Gernez-Rieux had left, stood in for the management of the Institut Pasteur.
1967 Succeeded M. Vaucel as delegate general for the Overseas Pasteur Institutes ; member of the council for hygien and public health, in Seine ; member of the national council for public health in France ; member of a WHO expert committee on public health.
1970 On Oct.15, died.

Collaborators : E. Arquie, J. Bablet, H. Bader, L. Bezacier, L. Boëz, M. Capponi, J. Courdurier, H. Gaschen, V. Grysez, J. Guillerm, P. Julien, V. Labernardie, Lieou, J. Magrou, F. Mariat, Nguyen Ba Tung, J. Ranque, J. Sautet, R. Seys, R. Sigalas, L. Souchard, E. Vieille, M. Witkowski.

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