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Biographical sketch
Henri Morin (1889-1969)
version française  

French physician and biologist, born on Aug. 12, 1889.
1910 Enrollment in medical training at the Navy's Medical School in Bordeaux.
1912 Obtained medical internship in Bordeaux.
1913 Thesis defense for medical doctorate ; the dissertation topic was about the emetic therapy for amebiasis ; enrollment at the Graduate School of the Army's Health Service ("Ecole d'application du service de santé des armées") in Pharo, Marseille.
1914 (Aug.2)-1917 During First World War, served on the French war front where he was wounded ; received the "Croix de Guerre".
1917-1921 Assigned to duty in Diego Suarez, Madagascar, then in the district of Farafangana, where he conducted research on intestinal schistosomiasis and showed the highly prevalence of the disease.
1920 Advanced training at the F. Mesnil 's laboratory in the Institut Pasteur.
1921 By returning to France, named as Assistant Clinical Professor in exotic diseases at the Graduate School of the Army's Health Service in Pharo.
1922 Decorated as Knight, Officer (1939) and Commander (1955) of the Legion d'Honneur, successively.
1922 On July 4, resigned from the Colonial Health Corps.
1923 Appointed as Head of Laboratory at the hospitals in Marseille and as Clinical Director for the diseases of warm countries, at the School of Medicine and Pharmacy in Marseille.
1925 Training period at the Institut Pasteur, in the A. Calmette 's laboratory, then appointed as Head of Laboratory at the Pasteur Institute in Saigon.
1927-1937 Editor in chief of the Archives des Instituts Pasteur d'Indochine.
1928 Appointed as Chief Laboratory for malaria research at the Pasteur Institute in Saigon.
1929 At the Institut Pasteur's request, conducted research on malaria in British Malaya and in Sumatra ; became a member of the French Society of Exotic Pathology ("Société de Pathologie Exotique", SPE). 1930 Appointed as Department Head for malaria research at the Pasteur institutes in Indochina ; conducted research on malaria in Java ; visited several European laboratories where he attended proficiency courses, under E. Brumpt in Paris, Buen and Pittaluga in Madrid, and Missiroli in Sardegna and Roma.
1932 Was responsible for the hygien training course at the School of Medicine and Pharmacy in Hanoi.
1932-1940 Appointed as Director of the Pasteur institutes in Indochina.
1936 Became a member of the expert committee on malaria at the Health Organization of the League of Nations ; travelled to China, Japan and USA.
1937 Received the Pannetier prize from the French Academy of Medicine for his work on malaria ; conducted research on rural malaria in British India.
1937-1947 Appointed as Director of the Pasteur institute in Dalat.
1947 By returning to France, the French Department of Public Health and Population assigned him a scientific mission to Grenoble ; became a WHO's expert advisor for malaria.
1948 As a Rockefeller foundation's grant-holder, conducted research on the Public Health's organization in USA and on the recent advances in preventing diseases transmitted by insects.
1950-1952 Travelled to Delhi.
1953-1954 Travelled to Alexandria.
1954-1955 In Yaounde, created a center specializing in the malaria prevention using insecticides, where he taught people about the methods for preventing African rural malaria.
1955 Although retired, provided the Institut Pasteur the assistance from his relationships with the foreign scientists and visitors ; elected Secretary General of the Institut Pasteur Alumni Association.
1969 On Nov.26, died in Paris.

Collaborators : Advier, Astros, H. Bader, L. A. Bordes, L. Boyer, Brahic, P. Carton, M. Caudière, A. Certonciny, H. E. Chabaud, S. Costa, H. Fabre, Farinaud, François, H. Gaschen, J. Genevray, Giraud, M. Goulard, Guillerm, H. Jacotot, Joulia, Lavau, Marcou, Marinot, P. Martin, Massias, Mathieu, J. Mesnard, Mickaniemsky, E. Monnier, Moreau, Nguyen-Dunh-Hao, Payan, Pirot, Raybaud, L. Robin, C. Toumanoff, Tuerries, Vieille.

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