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Biographical Sketch
Leopold Nègre (1879-1961)
version française

French doctor and biologist born in Montpellier (Hérault, France), on June 15, 1879. His father, a protestant pastor, died before his birth. Seven years later, his mother born Suzanne Leenhardt, married again with S. Dautheville an associate professor in physics and astronomy. They got five children.
High school studies in Montpellier and Paris. Spent one year at the agronomic institute and must left for military service. Prepared a graduate degree in natural sciences at the university of Montpellier.
1903 Attended the cours de microbiologie at the Institut Pasteur.
1905 Published a first scientific work about a parasitic protozoan in collaboration with A. Laveran.
12/10/1905 Married Miss Suzanne Charon, who was H. Morin's cousin.
1907-1910 Became assistant in A. Borrel's laboratory at the microbiology course of the Institut Pasteur.
1910 After a training at the Institut Pasteur of Lille, he was named head of the laboratory of microbial analyses at the Institut Pasteur of Alger.
1913 Became corresponding member of the Société de pathologie exotique (SPE). He was session secretary from 1920 to 1929.
1918 Bachelor graduate in natural sciences.
1919 A. Calmette integrated L. Nègre in the team of the laboratory of tuberculosis at the Institut Pasteur (Paris). He conducted research on the tuberculosis bacilli and BCG with A. Boquet, C. Guérin, A. Saenz, J. Valtis, F. van Deinse.
1921 General secretary of the editorial board of the health and preventive medicine review. Co-manager of the review in 1934.
1922 Laureate for the Pannetier price of The National Academy of Medicine. The Academy also awarded : Marie Chevalier (1924); annuities of price Audiffred (1927); Merzbach (1930).
1924 Laureate for Brehant price of The Academy of Sciences.
1927 Represented the Institut Pasteur at the first panamerican congress on tuberculosis in Cordoba (Argentina).
1931 Named head of service at the Institut Pasteur.
1932 Member of the Permanent Commission for Protection against Tuberculosis at the Public Health Ministry.
1935 Named member of the BCG commission at the Institut Pasteur of which Marfan was the president. Among the other members: A. Boquet, R. Debré, C. Guérin, L. Martin, G. Ramon, B. Weill-Hallé.
1936 Teaching mission on experimental tuberculosis in Canada under the auspices of the Franco-Canadian Scientific Institute.
1939 Recorder at the IXth national congress on tuberculosis in Lille.
1941 Named member of the Institut Pasteur assembly.
1942 Member of Tuberculosis Section at the National Institute of Health.
1944 Vice-president of the Société de biologie.
1948 General secretary of the first international congress on BCG in Paris.
1950 President of the French Society on Tuberculosis.
1951 Elected member of The Academy of Medicine, health section.
29/07/1961 Death in Paris.
1962 Ch. Gernez-Rieux made his funeral oration at the Academy of medicine.

Publications in collaboration with mainly : Armand-Delille, Ardin-Delteil, N. Bernard, A. Berthelot, A. Boquet, J. Bretey, J. Bridré, A. Calmette, Cernovodeanu, E. Coulaud, Fethke, H. Foley, C. Guérin, Labernardie, A. Laveran, M. Raynaud, A. Saenz, Ed. Sergent, L. Trabut, J. Troisier, R. Turpin, J. Valtis, F. Van Deinse, B. Weill-Hallé, Wilbert.

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