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Biographical Sketch
Henriette Rougebief (1889-1980)
version française

French biologist born in Arbois (Jura), on Sep. 12, 1889. Her parents were wine-growers.
1909 Got her certificate for primary school teacher in Lyon. Obtained the higher certificate in 1916.
1910-1916 Performed several teaching sessions, especially in England (French courses at Buxton and Seascale).
1919 Graduated for PCN certificate (Physical, Chemical and Natural sciences) at the faculté des sciences of Besançon.
04/01/1923 Attended the cours de microbiologie at the Institut Pasteur in Paris.
05/1923 On the recommendation of R. Vallery-Radot, she entered at the Institut Pasteur of Algeria (Alger) as assistant of Ed. Sergent. Her first researches dealt with the process of grape fermentation in the vineyards of Kouba.
1924 In collaboration with Ed. Sergent, she published an article on the bovine piroplasmosis in Algeria.
1925 Awarded the prize Montyon from the Académie des sciences , with A. Donatien, F. Lestoquart, L. Parrot, E. Plantureux and Ed. Sergent, for the book entitled : Les piroplasmoses bovines d'Algérie .
12/15/1925 Graduated in sciences from the faculty of Besançon, with specialities in botanics, general chemistry and zoology.
1924-1962 Responsible for the BCG laboratory at the Institut Pasteur in Algeria, she organized anti-tuberculous vaccination campaigns, that she and Ed. Sergent documented with annual statistics published in the Archives de l'Institut Pasteur d'Algérie .
1926 With Ed. Sergent, published a study on the relationship between midges (drosophila) and germs of grape, evidencing a mutualism between dipterous and wine yeasts.
1928 Defended her PhD thesis in sciences at the faculté des sciences of Besançon on the Recherches sur les rapports biologiques existant entre les drosophiles et les principaux micro-organismes du raisin, levures et moisissures .
1928 Wedding with Pierre Ducros.
1959-1962 Studied BCG culture conditions, especially in function of the trace-element composition of glass bottles and acidity of water. 1963 Left Algeria and retired in Arbois.
1980 Death at Saint-Honoré-les-Bains (Nièvre).

Publications in collaboration with : A. Catanei, A. Donatien, F. Lestoquard, L. Parrot, Ed. Plantureux, G. Sandor, Ed. Sergent

Service des Archives de l'Institut Pasteur