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Biographical sketch
Jeanne Raynaud (1908-2009)
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French biologist, born on Nov. 11, 1908, in Mayenne ; her father, Jean Chaulin-Servinière, was a lawyer and a member of Parliament ; her mother, Lucie, was the L. Blaizot 's sister.
Spent her childhood in Mayenne until 1913-1914, at the moment when her parents got divorced ; she and her mother traveled to Paris.
1914 Her mother remarried Dr. G. Blanc.
1920-1938 Spent her youth in Greece, then in Morocco because of the scientific and administrative responsabilities of her stepfather G. Blanc, at the Pasteur Institutes in Athens and Casablanca.
1938 Graduated in sciences.
1939-1940 Appointed as a research assistant under G. Blanc at the Pasteur Institute in Morocco, where she conducted research on blood types and agglutinogens in three species of African lower monkeys ; with C.-P. Leblond, conducted research on the spontaneous beriberi in monkeys.
1941 As a grant-holder, entered the Institut Pasteur in Paris.
1942 Married A. Raynaud, with whom she had five children, Yves, Marc, Lucie, Denis and Jean-Luc.
1942-1960 Entered the Pasteur laboratory at the Radium Institute in Paris, directed by A. Lacassagne ; commenced research : in endocrinology (describing the roles of the gonads, the thyroid and the suprarenals by studying sexual dimorphism in the mouse submaxillary gland and the hormonal influence on it) ; in embryology (obtaining experimentally-induced mammary congenital malformations by supplementation of oestrogens in the mouse embryos ; providing evidence for the inhibitory effect of oestrogens on the development of the mouse testicle ligament called "gubernaculum") ; in addition, conducted research on a virus found in the salivary glands in wild rodents and the resulting damage to them.
1958 Participated in the Symposium on comparative endocrinology, organized by the University of Columbia, held at Cold Spring Harbor, USA.
1960 Thesis defense for doctorate in natural sciences about the hormonal control of the submaxillary gland in mice ("Contrôle hormonal de la glande sous-maxillaire de la souris").
1960 Resumed studies that had been initiated with her husband in 1944, concerning the damage to the salivary glands caused by the cytomegalovirus (CMV) in the wild rodents ; with G. Blanc in Morocco, found out about rodent species infected by the virus ; continued research by obtaining experimentally-induced generalized disease in young meriones ; in 1965, succeeded in transmitting the CMV virus from one animal species to another, using cortisone ; in the late '60s, developed methods for growing the field mouse CMV virus by infecting human cell cultures.
1961 Participated in the 6th meeting of the French-speaking endocrinologists, held at the New Medical School in Brussels.
1962-1978 Entered the laboratory for experimental embryology at the Institut Pasteur's annex in Sannois, directed by her husband A. Raynaud ; continued research on the rodent salivary glands virus and on the influence of hormones and microbial toxins on the embryonic development in slow worms.
1962 Attended the International meeting on the structure and function of the salivary glands, held at the University of Washington in Seattle ; reported her results about the action of both thyroid and suprarenals on the submaxillary gland in mice.
1964 Appointed as head of laboratory at the Institut Pasteur in Paris.
1965 Became a member of the French Society of Biology ( Société de biologie ).
1978 Retired with her husband in Vabre (Tarn), where she was responsible for the local library and took part in the activities of the association "Les Amis du Pays Vabrais".
2009 On Feb. 6, died in Saint-Ouen-sur-Iton (near L'Aigle).

Collaborators : : L. Ascione, P. Atanasiu, Cl. Barreau, G. Blanc, L. Cuvillier, M. Jahkola, I. Landau, C.-P. Leblond, D. Paulin, Cl. Pieau, A. Raynaud, P. Rebeyrotte, J. Virat.

Biographical reference tools :
- Raynaud (Jeanne), "Notices des titres et travaux", 1965 (Archives Pasteur, TRE.DS.106)

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