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Biographical Sketch
Thérèse Tréfouël (1892-1978)
version française

French chemist engineer, born Boyer, on June 19, 1892, in Paris.
1913-1916 Chemistry studies at the Faculté des sciences in Paris where she met J. Tréfouël.
1919 Obtained the chemical engineer degree (industrial and agricultural specialities) from the University of Bordeaux (France).
06/01/1921 Got married with J. Tréfouël with whom she worked in collaboration.
1921-1938 Apppointed as research assistant in E. Fourneau's Therapeutic Chemistry Department at the Institut Pasteur, where she performed all her career.
In collaboration with her husband, she contributed to several important works: set up of active arsenic compounds in syphilis (Stovarsol) and trypanosomiasis (Orsanine), and active quinoleic by-products in malaria (Rodoquine).
1924 Collaborated with J. Commandon, J. Tréfouël and E. Fourneau to the make-up of the movie: Recherches de chimiothérapies dans le domaine des urées complexes (205 Bayer) (chemotherapy research in. the field of complex ureas).
1927 With J. Tréfouël, she awarded the Parkin prize from the Institut de France . Became tenured member of the Société de Pathologie Exotique (SPE).
1931-1932 Together with J. Tréfouël, she awarded prizes Louis then Cléophas Paultre from the Medicine Academy.
1935 In collaboration with J. Tréfouël, D. Bovet and F. Nitti, she highlighted the role of sulfonamides, the active fraction of the prontosil discovered by G. Domagk, as the first efficient anti-bacterial agent.
1937 Contributed to evidence the anti-bacterial activity of sulfones and by-products of sulfonamides, which are specific to mycobacteria.
1938-1955 Designated head of laboratory in the Institut Pasteur's Therapeutic Chemistry Department. Gradually ensured the daily supervision of the service while her husband, J. Tréfouël, became the head manager of the Institut Pasteur in 1940.
1939 Scientific mission in Canada.
1941 Awarded the prize général Muteau from the Institut de France that she shared with J. Tréfouël, F. Nitti and D. Bovet.
1948-1953 Performed two scientific missions in South America.
1955-1960 Appointed head of the Institut Pasteur's Therapeutic Chemistry Department.
1963 Retired.
1978 On Nov. 9, died in Paris.

Publications in collaboration with : N. Beaugeard, G. Benoit, D. Bovet, V. Hamon, A. Lamensans, A. Lwoff, F. Nitti, G. Stefanopoulo, J. Tréfouël.

Bibliography :
- Julia (Marc), Madame J. Tréfouël (1892-1978), Annales de Microbiologie , vol. 130 A., nÝ 3, avril 1979, 3 p.
- s.a., Thérèse Tréfouël, Bulletin de l'Amicale des anciens pastoriens , nÝ 10, mars 1979, p. 1-3.

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