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calendrier`February 2016
Reproducibility and reliability of biomedical research
Plos Biology PLoS Biology published Reproducible research practices and transparency across the biomedical literature. This article describes the lack of reproducibility and reliability of published biomedical research (protocols, raw data, information on funding and conflicts of interest are often missing).
It echoes the question published earlier by PLoS Medicine How to make more published research true and the symposium held last April by the British Academy of Medical Sciences whose the report has been published: Reproducibility and reliability of biomedical research: improving research practice

Keywords: "Reliability of research" ; "Publications"
The National Assembly has just passed the Bill for a Digital Republic
Assemblée nationale Jointly prepared in consultation with Internet users, the bill for a Digital Republic, also called Lemaire bill, was adopted at first reading by the National Assembly, on January 26. It is based on three pillars:
puce blancheTo facilitate data and knowledge dissemination
puce blancheTo protect people in the digital society
puce blancheTo garantee digital access to all
Articles 17, and 18 concern more specifically researchers. You may consult those two articles (in French).
Article 17 gives you the right to freely disseminate your scientific publications if they have been at least half publicly funded, even if you have transfered your exclusive copyright to a publisher. The embargoes last 6 months maximum for hard sciences and 12 months for human and social sciences.
The datas, resulting from public funds and unprotected by a specific right will be freely reusable.

Keywords: "Research data" ; "Bill" ; "Copyright"
calendrier`January 2016
Thomas Hunt Morgan has entered the public domain in 2016
TH Morgan The work of genetician Thomas Hunt Morgan, who died on December 4, 1945, has just entered the public domain.
Some of his works may already be consulted online.

Keywords: "Copyright" ; "Public domain"
Study on research data availability
plos one An article published last December in PLoS ONE analyses the availability of research data within the top 10 journals in the disciplines of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics.
Womack RP (2015). Research Data in Core Journals in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics. PLoS ONE 10(12): e0143460. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0143460

Keywords: "Research data"
Tools to help researchers select where to publish
elsevier Two new initiatives aim to facilitate researchers who need to select the journal they will choose to publish their article in:
puce blancheThink, Check, Submit is a campaign providing a sorted list of criteria to be taken into account to trust a journal (more information)
puce blancheTo answer the question "How open is this journal?" rather than "Is this journal open?", PLoS, in collaboration with other Opan Access stakeholders, has published a guide to identify to which extent a journal is open (more information).

Keywords: "Scientific journals"; "Publishing"; "Open access"
calendrier`December 2015
The whole team of a scientific journal resign to support open access
elsevier An article published last november in the newspaper Le Monde explains the collective resignation of Lingua's editorial team to protest against Elsevier's refusal to switch to an open access model.
To consult the article, click here.

Keywords: "Open access"; "Publishers"
The Leiden Manifesto for research metrics
leiden university The Leiden manifesto, published last April by the journal Nature, proposes 10 principles to guide research evaluation and avoid ill application of metrics. It has been translated into ten languages so far amongst which Chinese, Spanish, Italian, German, and French.
To consult the manifesto in your language, check here.

Keywords: "Bibliometrics"; "Best practice"
The media library advices you a new bibliographic watch tool
journal tocs JournalTOCs provides you tables of contents from more than 26 000 scientific journals, amongst which more than 9 000 open access titles. It also allows you to set RSS feeds for the titles of your selection.
For more information, and to consult JournalTOCs website, please click here.

Keywords: "Watch"; "Tables of contents"
Researchers may negociate their publication agreement
OA The French academic consortium electronic publications access (Couperin) provides to researchers models of addenda to publication agreements in order to facilitate the Open Access dissemination of articles as advocated by more and more research funders.
For more information, and to consult these models, please click here.

Keywords: "Open access"; "Publishing" ; "Publication agreement" ; "Negociation"
calendrier`December 2014
The reading room of the library is closed
  Due to major restructuration work, the reading room will remain closed until late 2015.
For further information, you may call +33-, from Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm, or send an email to

Updated: July 11, 2016


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