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Books on line > Books online with a reserved access at Institut Pasteur

  This page provides access to our e-book platforms and a few isolated titles.
  Remember you can search e-books with AtoZ. Check e-books only
  Many e-books are in the Media library catalog
puce jaune Books@Ovid

-Fundamental Immunology, 7th ed. (2013)
-Fields Virology , 6th ed. (2013)

puce jaune
ELS Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (Wiley)
ELS features more than 4,000 peer-reviewed articles divided into different categories indicating their level of complexity : introductory articles, intermediate articles, advanced articles ; keynotes articles provide a platform for debate about 'hot topics'.
puce jaune Encyclopeadia Universalis Encyclopaedia UNIVERSALIS
puce jaune BritannicaEncyclopaedia Britannica
puce jaune

Ecosal Plus (Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Enterobacteriaceae)

puce orange Publisher's platforms
puce jaune

ASM Science e-books : we have access to books published from 2010 indicated by the icon ebooksASM (Subscribed content).

puce jaune Elsevier e-books
ScienceDirect Access to a selection of Elsevier e-books (Biology, Medicine, Pharmacology, Chemistry)
puce jaune SpringerLink
  Springer e-books (2005 to present) from biomedical and life sciences collection are avalaible from SpringerLink or in our library catalog
puce jaune SpringerProtocols

Springer Protocols on the site SpringerLink

puce blanche Methods in Molecular Biology
puce blanche Methods in Molecular Medicine
puce blanche Methods in Biotechnology
puce blanche Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology
puce blanche Neuromethods
  You can also use SpringerProtocols site to make an advanced search

puce jaune CSHL
  CSH Protocols Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Biomedical research techniques by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Its coverage includes cell and molecular biology, genetics, bioinformatics, protein science, and imaging. You can submit protocols and annotate an existing protocol.
puce jaune CP
  Laboratory manuals. Sections to which the Library is subscribed to :
puce blanche Current Protocols in Bioinformatics
puce blanche Current Protocols in Cell Biology
puce blanche Current Protocols in Cytometry
puce blanche Current Protocols in Human Genetics
puce blanche Current Protocols in Immunology
  Current Protocols in Microbiology
puce blanche Current Protocols in Molecular Biology
puce blanche Current Protocols in Mouse Biology
puce blanche Current Protocols in Neurosciences
puce blanche Current Protocols in Nucleic Acid Chemistry
puce blanche Current Protocols in Protein Science
puce blanche Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology
  Current Protocols in Toxicology
puce orange Electronic bookseries
puce jaune AnnRev
puce jaune ANYAS
puce jaune SD
puce jaune Science Direct book series (Advances..., Methods,...)
puce jaune Major Reference Works
puce blanche Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry Editors-in-Chief: William J. Lennarz and M. Daniel Lane, cop. 2004
puce blanche Encyclopedia of Cancer (Second edition) Ed. Joseph R. Bertino, cop. 2002
puce blanche Encyclopedia of Gastroenterology Ed. Leonard Johnson, cop. 2003
puce blanche Encyclopedia of Genetics Ed. Sydney Brenner and Jeffrey H. Miller, cop. 2001
puce blanche Encyclopedia of Immunology (Second edition) Ed. Peter J. Delves, cop. 1998
puce blanche Encyclopedia of Neurological Sciences Ed. Michael J. Aminoff and Robert B. Daroff, cop. 2003
puce blanche Encyclopedia of Respiratory Medicine Ed. Geoffrey J. Laurent and Steven D. Shapiro, cop. 2006
puce blanche Encyclopedia of Separation Sciences Ed. Ian D. Wilson, cop. 2000
puce blanche Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry Ed. John C. Lindon, 2000
puce blanche Encyclopedia of Toxicology (Second edition) Ed. Philip Wexler, 2nde ed., 2005
puce blanche Encyclopedia of Virology (Second edition) Ed. Allan Granoff and Robert G. Webster, 1999
  crayonFor this last title, we have the 2008 third printed edition (Library Call Number AA5 MAH)
puce orange Digital libraries
puce jaune ECCO
  Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)
  Within the signing of national licenses, the Institut Pasteur in Paris and Lyon have access to collections of documents printed during the 18th century in the United Kingdom: over 180 000 titles have been digitized by Gale Cengage Learning. This digital library is divided into seven themes, including Medicine, Science and Technology, and is entirely full-text searchable. Documents may be printed and downloaded.


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