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  The Institut Pasteur is responsible for the diffusion of the photographs here within and holds the reproduction and representation rights, either directly or by transfer, to these works.




Any unauthorized reproduction or use of photographs is forbidden without the prior consent of the Institut Pasteur. Photographs may only be reproduced under certain conditions accepted by the Institut Pasteur, and for one time only. Any re-use must receive the prior authorization of the Institut Pasteur.
Photographs may not be modified without the prior authorization of the Institut Pasteur. The Borrower is responsible for any modification of a photographic legend. Duplicating documents provided by the Institut Pasteur is strictly forbidden. Borrowed documents are nontransferable. It is the Borrower’s responsability to ensure that documents provided by the Institut Pasteur are not used to supply or commercialize a rival data base.

Slide Borrowing
Slides may be borrowed for a period of 2 months. After this period, overdue penalties accrue per document for each additional month.

Returning Documents
Documents borrowed must be returned. Slides are to be returned in a protective envelope either by registered post or courier. Documents must be returned in perfect condition (without writing, scratches, or damage) accommpanied by the second copy of the invoice, duly signed. If a docment is damaged, the Borrower will be billed (current rate) for each document.

Sending documents by e-mail
Requested documents can be sent by e-mail. In this case, the Borrower shall communicate his or her e-mail address to the Institut Pasteur. It is the responsability of the Borrower to destroy the document after a period of two months. It is strictly forbiddent to store the document in any way.

It is the Borrower’s responsability to ensure that the Institut Pasteur receives credit for the use of its images. Credit is to be given in the following way: © Nom de l'auteur / Institut Pasteur
If these indications are not followed in their entiety, an additional charge of 25% of the reproduction rights purchased will be fined. If these indications are completely omitted, the additional charge increases to 100%.

Complimentary Copy
If the images borrowed from the Institut Pasteur are published, a complimentary copy of the publication, addressed to the Institut Pasteur, must be sent within one month of its publication date.

Reproduction Rights
The reproduction or use of any photograph requires the purchase of reproduction rights. These rates may vary according to the publication date or the date upon which the documents were borrowed.

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Updated : 2009-11-09


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