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Web sites of the main bibliographical software
Description and comparison of the main bibliographical software

A bibliographical software is a tool allowing to simplify the management of the bibliographical references during the drafting of an article. It allows to assemble in a database, the bibliographical references collected during the research phase, the writing of an article, to format them easily according to the instructions for authors of the scientific journal aimed.



Endnote is by majority, the most used bibliographical software at Institut Pasteur. It is developped by Niles & Ass. bought in 1998 by ISI (Istitute for Scientifique Information), the developpers of 2 other bibliographical software: Procite and Reference Manager.

Official Site of EndNote :

updates :

The Updates page, with"EndNote x.x.x Updater for Macintosh or Windows" solve the problems residing from other versions.

> Importing Filters for Mac or PC. These files are to be saved in the folder FILTERS of EndNote. Make sure you select the right platform. The filter for importing your results in the Web of Knowledge for : Mac - PC

> The filter for importing your results from Current Contents for :
- PC

> The filter for importing your results from Web of Science (SCI) for :
Mac - PC

> The filter for importing your results from PubMed for :
Mac - PC

> The filter for importing your results from PubMed in Biolib Mac and Pc:
PC and MAC
(zip file : uncompress with Stuffit Expander for Mac or Winzip for PC


A list of around 8000 journals initially issued from Medline into the EndNote format. Titles are available in 3 formats: full, summary 1 (with dots after the abreviations) and summary 2 (without dots).

Bibliographic styles of journals : updates of the last versions of EndNote. For users of the version 3 or older: on Mac - on PC.

Demo version
Available for MacIntosh or Windows

Technical support

Usage help

Technical support
In France, the society Ritme Informatique is the distributor of Endnote and answers to all the help questions by e-mail only, by exchanging your software series number...


  User guides (PC screen shots) :
Short EndNote 8 tutorial / University of Washington - Health Sciences Libraries
Mieux utiliser EndNote / Laval University (Canada) - Library
Comment utiliser Endnote / HEC Montréal (Canada) - Library. Guide for EndNote 9 and X for PC.

Sites of some bibliographical software

Bookends Plus
Reference Manager

Ressources pour la description et la comparaison des principaux logiciels bibliographiques

Bibliography Formatting Software: An Evaluation Template :  Head-to-head comparison between Library Master (Windows 4.15), ProCite (Windows 5), EndNote (Windows 8, Macintosh 8), Reference Manager (Windows 11), Papyrus (Macintosh 8), and a shorter analysis of Bookends (Macintosh 7.7.3), Biblioscape (Windows 6 Professional edition) via an evaluation / by Francesco Dell'Orso. 11th ed. - Janvier 2005


Updated : November 24th, 2009


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