Bioinformatics and Comparative Genome Analysis course

March 18 - April 7, 2007

Institut Pasteur Tunis - Tunisia


Alia Benkahla
Institut Pasteur Tunis - Tunisia

Fredj Tekaia
Institut Pasteur Paris - France

Ahmed Rebai
Centre Biotechnologie Sfax - Tunisia

Edouard Yeramian
Institut Pasteur Paris - France

With the financial support from:
Institut Pasteur Paris - EMBO - FEBS - Institut Pasteur Tunis - Tunisian Ministry of High Education, Scienfitic Research and Technology - CBBC - French Foreign Affairs-CNRS-NEPAD Bioinformatics Program.

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  • General information

    More informations:
    -On the scientific program and organization contact: Fredj Tekaia.
    -On local organization contact: Alia Benkahla.

  • Aim of the course and call for application
    The principle objectives of the course are to familiarize young scientists(Biologists/Informaticians/Mathematicians) with bioinformatics and genome data analysis skills and to encourage multi-disciplinarity by introducing:
    1- advanced fundamental algorithms in bioinformatics,
    2- their application in genome analyses,
    3- and recent knowledge acquired from genomes studies.

    The course is aimed for researchers and graduate students from academic Institutions in Africa, Asia, South and central America, interested in Bioinformatics and Genome Analyses.There are 20 places available for the course. Acceptance will be subject to selection process and preference will be given to research scientists from the International Network of Institut Pasteur Institutions and to FEBS members.
    Besides the accepted students, conferences and talks which will take place during the third week of the course, are open to interested students/postdocs/collegues, particularly those from Tunisia (see conditions in the document How to apply).

    Duration:From March 18th to April 7th 2007: the two first weeks are programmed for courses and practical sessions and a third week is programmed for conferences and talks.

    Location:Institut Pasteur of Tunis. 13, place Pasteur, BP 741002 Tunis - Tunisia.
    Local contact: Dr Alia Benkahla; e-mail: Tel. +216/71843755

    Venue: accomodation and social:The 20 participants will be staying in a Hotel situated close to the Institut Pasteur Tunis (see General Informations. Acceptance to the course includes free accommodation (in double rooms) breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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    ==> List of selected candidates: List of selected Candidates pdf format or MS Word rtf format

  • Registration deadline to attend the conferences: February 28, 2007. Please download this document to register

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