Bioinformatic and Comparative Genome Analysis

Institut Pasteur Tunis - Tunisia

March 18 - April 7, 2007


Alia Benkahla
Institut Pasteur Tunis - Tunisia

Fredj Tekaia
Institut Pasteur Paris - France

Ahmed Rebai
Centre Biotechnologie Sfax - Tunisia

Edouard Yeramian
Institut Pasteur Paris - France

With the financial support from:
Institut Pasteur Paris - EMBO - FEBS - Institut Pasteur Tunis - Tunisian Ministry of High Education, Scienfitic Research and Technology - CBBC - French Foreign Affairs-CNRS-NEPAD Bioinformatics Program.

List of Speakers/Tutors:

Abdelhak Sonia
Institut Pasteur Tunis
  • Genome databases and open access bibliographic resources
  • Computational tools for disease gene identification
  • Ardell David
    Linnaeus Centre for Bioinformatics, Uppsala, Sweeden
  • Sequence comparisons: Substitution and scores
  • Sequence Comparison: Alignments and Search
  • Auchincloss Andrea
    Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
  • UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot and ExPASy: Protein sequence databases and proteomics tools developed at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
  • Benkahla Alia
    Institut Pasteur Tunis
  • Welcome
  • Gene annotation
  • Bernardi Georgio
    Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Napoly
  • Genome organization and evolution
  • Claverie Jean-Michel
    Information Genomique et Structurale - Marseille
  • Current hypothesis on the origin and evolution of large DNA viruses
    Larger than bacteria: the mystery of giant viruses
  • Cohen Georges
    Institut Pasteur Paris
  • Data mining and annotation validation (Text of talk)
  • Cole Stewart
    Institut Pasteur Paris
  • On the evolution of pathogenic mycobacteria (and their antigens)
  • Evolutionary genomics of mycobacterial pathogens (on the origin of tuberculosis)
  • van Dogen Stijn
    Sanger Institute, Cambridge
  • Clustering of orthologs and paralogs
  • Graph Clustering with MCL
  • Fernandez-Suarez Xose
    EBI, Cambridge
  • Browsing Genomes with Ensembl
  • Access to genes and genomes with Ensembl
  • Data Mining in Ensembl with Biomart
  • Goffeau Andre
    Universite Catholique, Louvain
  • What have we learned from 10 years of yeast genomology
  • Eiglmeier Karin
    Institut Pasteur Paris
  • Anopheles gambiae: A genetic approach
  • Guizani Ikram
    Institut Pasteur Tunis
  • Comparative Genomic and function analysis for the identification and or characterization of Leishmania targets for intervention and control
  • Herwig Ralf
    Max Planck Institute Berlin
  • Resources, tools and Methods for Systems biology
  • Kefi Rym
    Institut Pasteur Tunis
  • Human population phylogenetic studies using mithochondrial DNA
  • Kel Alexander
  • Gene regulatory code
  • Regulatory sequences (basics)
  • Regulatory sequence Analysis tools and approaches
  • Lehvaslaiho Heikki
    SANBI, U Western Cape, SA
  • Linux fundamentals
  • Introduction to Perl and Bioperl
  • Major Francois
    Univ. Montreal
  • RNA structure
  • Mardassi Helmi
    Institut Pasteur Tunis
  • Putative Biology of PE/PPE multigene families of Mycobacteria and their Relevance with Regard to Evolution
  • Morgenstern Burkhard
    Univ. Gottingen
  • Multiple Alignment and Motif Searching
  • Nuel Gregory
    Lab Stat & Genomes, Evry
    Main algorithms with Applications in Bioinformatics:
  • Suffix Trees, Automata and Pattern Matching
  • Expectation-Maximization and Hidden Markov Models
  • Dynamic Programming and Alignment
  • Ozier-Kalogeropoulos Odile
    Institut Pasteur Paris
  • Molecular Biology story: DNA the queen molecule
  • Parkhill Julian
    Sanger Institute, Cambridge
  • Genome dynamics in bacterial pathogens
  • Roest Crollius Hugues
    Dyogen, ENS, Paris
  • Reconstructing Ancestral Vertebrate Genomes by in silico Paleogenomics
  • Rebai Ahmed
    Center of Biotechnology of Sfax, Tunisia
  • Genome databases and open access bibliographic resources
  • Introduction to Multivariate Statistical Analysis Methods
  • Useful Algorithms and Statistical Methods in Genome Data Analysis
  • Discriminant Analysis - Cluster Analysis
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Correspondence Analysis
  • Introduction to R langage
  • R basics
  • Taylor Todd
    RIKEN, Tokyo
  • Understanding Human genome (Structural) evolution through chimpanzee and mouse comparisons
  • Tekaia Fredj
    Institut Pasteur Paris
  • Course introduction
  • Phylogenetic Analysis Methods
  • Molecular Evolution Methods
  • Exploring evolutionary trends in Proteomes
  • Yeramian Edouard
    Institut Pasteur Paris
  • Bridges between Biophysics and Bioinformatics: applications to Genomics

  • Technical support:

    Zaki Ahmed (Institut Pasteur Tunis).

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